The documentary "I Call Him TOM" delves into the life and creative odyssey of Tom Shelton, an artist with over 50 years of experience. Directed by his granddaughter, who also serves as the filmmaker, the film unfolds through intimate conversations between them. They explore Tom's art, relationships, and poignant aspects of his life. Across generations, Tom's two daughters and five grandchildren also feature in the documentary.
In this 45-minute film, viewers catch a glimpse of an artistic family and their journey of self-expression and mutual support. Throughout the narrative, intriguing parallels emerge between the filmmaker and the artist, both grappling with the challenge of embracing their identity as artists. This exploration raises profound questions about the transfer of influence and ideals across generations.
Artist's Statement
Delving into the life of my grandfather, I embark on a voyage of discovery not only about his unique existence but also about the threads that weave my own story. Through the medium of film, I seek to honor his life and artistry, while simultaneously validating my own path as a storyteller. My exploration of his journey becomes a mirror through which I reflect on my own identity, roots, and aspirations. This project is not merely a tribute; it is a testament to the enduring power of familial bonds and the transformative potential of artistic expression.
- Abi Yates
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