Welcome to my graduate portfolio dedicated to showcasing my journey through a Master's program in Documentary Production. Here, I present the culmination of my academic endeavors, featuring a collection of projects I've crafted during my time in school. At the heart of my portfolio lies my main thesis and capstone project, which delves into the extraordinary life and artistry of my grandfather, Tom Shelton, an esteemed artist with over 50 years of experience.
The System Painter is a concise expository documentary produced for "Journey Indiana." This project marked my first foray into storytelling centered around my grandfather. Following its completion, I ventured into an alternative narrative style, which culminated in the creation of the linked video, Opening Scene.
Drawing from Su Friedrich's documentary Sink or Swim and Michael Renov's insights into documenting family members, I crafted what now serves as the preliminary opening scene for my documentary. In a departure from my initial intentions, I incorporated myself into the film in a deeply intimate manner.
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